Installing Webasyst via GitHub


The source code of the Webasyst framework is accessible via GIT and SVN repositories. Note that in case of installation from a repository the initial setup and configuration must be carried out manually, because the repository does not contain the installation script.

  1. Retrieve the source code of the framework from the repository to a directory (%PATH%) on your server; e.g., public_html/webasyst/.

    Via GIT:

    cd %PATH%
    git clone git://

    Via SVN:

    cd %PATH%
    svn checkout
  2. Create framework configuration files through copying template files located in directory %PATH%/wa-config/:
    cd wa-config
    cp apps.php.example apps.php
    cp config.php.example config.php
    cp db.php.example db.php
    cp locale.php.example locale.php
    cp SystemConfig.class.php.example SystemConfig.class.php

    File apps.php.example contains the identifier of a single application only: Contacts. If you would like other applications to appear in the backend, add their identifiers, too. Read more in section "Configuration files".

  3. Open the installation directory (%PATH%) for writing:
    cd ..
    chmod 0775 %PATH%
    # or 0777 depending on your server settings
  4. Create a new MySQL database for the framework and its applications. Open file wa-config/db.php in a text editor and specify database connection parameters in it.

  5. Run the framework by typing its URL in a browser; e.g. at http://localhost/webasyst/.
Note. If you have installed the framework from a repository, it is advisable to install any software updates using GIT or SVN, too; use of the Installer application is discouraged in this case.

The repository is open for reading only. If you would like to suggest changes or additions to the framework source code, please use the facilities provided on the website and submit a request to have your code merged with the existing project using Pull Request.


If you installed Webasyst from a GitHub repository, you won't be able to install updates and new apps via the Installer app — the Installer app is not included in the framework repository. Updates are available via GitHub only.

Adding apps manually

In order to install an application without using Installer, follow the instructions below.

  1. Install Webasyst, if it is not yet installed.
  2. Download the desired application's installation package.
  3. Extract the contents of the installation package (archive) to framework directory wa-apps/. Once all files are uploaded, a new subdirectory will appear which will contain the file structure of the application being installed. The name of the new subdirectory matches the unique identifier (APP_ID) of the application.
  4. To make the new application's icon appear in the main menu, enable it in system configuration file wa-config/apps.php by adding the following line:

    '{APP_ID}' => true

    Specify the new application's identifier instead of {APP_ID}.

  5. If the application has a frontend, it must be set up in the main routing configuration file wa-config/routing.php. Read more about request routing in section "Request routing to frontend".