Triggered on displaying of “Cart” block on the in-cart checkout page, allows to override variables used in its HTML template.


Input (passed by reference)

$params array Parameters. The array contents can be different depending on store settings.
$params['cart'] array Shopping cart contents and properties.
$params['cart']['items'] array Shopping cart items—products and services.
$params['currency_info'] array Selected currency’s data.
$params['features'] array Shopping carts products’ features, without their values.
$params['config'] shopCheckoutConfig Instance of checkout configuration class corresponding to current storefront.
$params['coupon_code'] string Discount coupon code.
$params['coupon_discount'] float Discount total amount expressed in selected currency.
$params['coupon_free_shipping'] bool Whether applied discount coupon enabled free shipping.
$params['affiliate'] array Affiliate program participant parameters.
$params['affiliate']['affiliate_bonus'] float Affiliate bonus points available to a customer.
$params['affiliate']['affiliate_discount'] float Discount amount which will be available should bonuses be applied.
$params['affiliate']['add_affiliate_bonus'] float Number of bonuses a customer will receive if currently selected shopping cart items will be purchased.
$params['affiliate']['use_affiliate'] bool Whether bonuses have been applied to the shopping cart.
$params['affiliate']['affiliate_percent'] float Maximum discount which can be applied to current shopping cart by means of bonus poits.
$params['affiliate']['used_affiliate_bonus'] float Amount of discount, expressed in selected currency, applied by means of bonuses.
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