Triggered before the call of the preliminary method prepare() of the in-cart checkout step “additional shipping data”.


Input (passed by reference)

$params['step_id'] string Checkout step ID.
$params['result'] array Values to be passed on to the JavaScript code and the corresponding template file templates/actions/frontend/order/form/details.html. Can be modified by plugins.
$params['data'] array Data passed to the checkout step class instance. Can be modified by plugins.
$params['data']['origin'] string Origin of the checkout class call — 'form' (complete generation of the checkout form), 'calculate' (background updating of individual parts of the form while a customer is changing values in it), or 'create' (final creation of an order after the confirmation).
$params['data']['order'] shopOrder Order properties object.
$params['data']['contact'] waContact Authorized customer properties object.
$params['data']['input'] array Data received from a POST request, session, or another source.
$params['error_step_id'] string ID of a checkout step where an error has occurred. Can be modified by plugins.
$params['errors'] array Error messages. Can be modified by plugins.
$params['errors'][]['text'] string Error message text.
… your plugin code …



Plugin code example


public function checkoutBeforeDetails(&$params)
    $shipping_address_country = ifset($params, 'data', 'input', 'region', 'country', '');

    if ($shipping_address_country == 'rus') {
        $shipping_address_street = ifset($params, 'data', 'input', 'details', 'shipping_address', 'street', '');

        if (!preg_match('~[а-яЁё]~ui', $shipping_address_street)) {
            $params['data']['input']['details']['shipping_address']['street'] = '';