Adds extra content to backend’s “Products → Stock” section.


Input (passed by reference)

$params array Parameters.
$params['tab'] string ID of active tab on the page—'balance': “Stock balance”, 'log': “Stock updates”.
$params['content'] string HTML code of active tab’s content. For 'balance' tab it is generated by class shopStocksBalanceAction, for 'log' tab it is generated by shopStocksLogAction class.
$params['transfers'] array Transfers data.
$params['transfers']['html'] string HTML code of the transfer list.
$params['transfers']['total_count'] int Number of all transfers.
$params['transfers']['count'] int Number of displayed transfers.
$params['transfers']['rest_count'] int Number of other transfers.
$params['transfers']['limit'] int Maximum limit of displayed transfers.
… your plugin code …


Extra HTML content to be added above the list under the page title.

Plugin code example


public function backendStocksStocks($params)
    return array(
        'stocks' => '<!-- some custom HTML; e.g., JavaScript code -->',