Allows modification of or adding of custom content to promo-viewing pages in the “Marketing” section.


Input (passed by reference)

$params['options'] string Value if the GET parameter 'options'.
$params['promo'] array Promo’s properties.
$params['overall_totals'] array Total statistical values relating to orders received from all storefronts included in the promo.
$params['promo_totals'] array Total statistical values relating to orders matching the promo’s settings.
$params['chart_data'] array Values used to draw the chart on the promo-viewing page.
$params['storefronts'] array The list of storefronts selected in the promo’s settings.
$params['rule_types'] array The list of tools available in the promo’s settings.
… your plugin code …


Extra content next to promo actions’ links. E.g., HTML code of additional action links.
Extra content under the list of promo settings fields. E.g., HTML code of extra settings fields.
Extra content next to the promo saving button. E.g., HTML code of additional buttons.
Extra content at the bottom of the promo-viewing page. E.g., an information block or a JavaScript code snippet.

Plugin code example


public function backendMarketingPromo($params)
    $promo_settings = $params['promo'];

    return [
        'action_link'  => '<a href="">' . _wp('My plugin’s action link') . '</a>',
        'info_section' => waHtmlControl::getControl(waHtmlControl::INPUT, 'custom_field', [
            'namespace' => 'myplugin',
            'title' => _wp('My custom field'),
            'control_wrapper' => '<div class="field"><div class="name">%s</div><div class="value">%s%s</div></div>',
            'title_wrapper' => '%s',
            'value' => $promo_settings['name'],
        'button'       => '<button class="button blue">' . _wp('My plugin’s button') . '</button>',
        'bottom'       => '<div class="block double-padded highlighted">' . _wp('My plugin’s bottom block.') . '</div>',