Hello, World!

TLDR: Get Hello World app on GitHub.

Each application's source files are stored in a separate subdirectory inside wa-apps/ directory. The subdirectory name must be equal to the application identifier (APP_ID).

For a fast start in development of a new application it is convenient to use an application template (dummy application) as described below:

  1. Download the dummy app's source code from Webasyst GitHub repository.
  2. Upload it to a subdirectory named by the APP_ID of your application inside wa-apps/.

Application directory wa-apps/APP_ID/ contains the following subdirectories:

The file structure suggested for storing static materials (subdirectories js/, css/, img/) has a recommendatory nature and can be modified at the developer's discretion.

Naming rules and locations of files containing PHP code of models, controllers, and actions are described in detail in section "Naming rules and recommendations".

Creation of localization files in described in section "Localization".