Shop-Script licenses

Shop-Script is released with two licenses—PRO & PREMIUM. They are two software “flavors” offering different functionality.


PREMIUM is an extended license based on PRO and thus offers more options listed below:

  • customizable, including fractional, product add-to-cart quantities,
  • customizable product quantity units.


Both licenses are available at different prices and may require different amounts to renew the subcription for updates. The exact pricing values are provided on the Shop-Script description page on Webasyst Store and on the Pricing page.

Support by apps, plugins, design themes & widgets

Every software product interacting with Shop-Script, such as an app, a plugin, a design theme, or a widget, can support the functionality of both licenses or only one of them.

The information about such interaction should be declared in the product properties. It is also useful to add a notice about it in the product’s description o the Webasyst Store. That information will help users decide on what components to use with their online stores and how to configure them.

Determining license type in source code

A software product can verify the currently used Shop-Script license to apply different algorightms in each case. The following PHP methods can be used for this purpose:

  • shopLicensing::isStandard() returns the flag corresponding to the use of the PRO license.
  • shopLicensing::isPremium() returns the flag corresponding to the use of the PREMIUM license.