Returns the list of objects linked to a task using “Tags and links” and “Watchers” functions.


  • id GET

    Task ID.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array with the following keys:

  • data array The list of linked objects. Each list item is an array with the following keys:
  • data[]['app_id'] string Identifier of the app to which the found object is related.
  • data[]['entity_id'] int Object ID.
  • data[]['entity_image'] string Object image URL.
  • data[]['entity_link_name'] string Text of the link pointing to the object.
  • data[]['entity_title'] string Found object’s name.
  • data[]['entity_url'] string URL of the link pointing to the object.
  • data[]['entity_type'] string Found object’s type.
  • data[]['markdown_code'] string Markdown code which can be used to add a link to the found object.
  • data[]['user_login'] string User login name. Available only for objects denoting team members returned for the “Watchers” function.