Returns counters, related to the current user, for the basic task filters: “Incoming”, “Outgoing”, “Watching”, “Urgent”.


  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array with the following keys:

  • data string The counter list. Each list item is an array with the following keys:
  • data[]['hash'] string Task filter hash from the list: 'inbox', 'outbox', 'favorites' (watching), 'favorites/unread' (watching/unread), 'urgent'.
  • data[]['counts'] array Task filter’s array of counters with the following keys:
  • data[]['counts']['active'] int Number of active tasks.
  • data[]['counts']['active_priority'] int Number of active tasks with a high priority.
  • data[]['counts']['closed'] int Number of closed tasks.
  • data[]['counts']['total'] int Total number of tasks.