Returns search results for the “Tags and links” and “Watchers” functions.


  • term GET

    Search term starting with character # (for “Tags and links”) or with @ (for “Watchers”).

  • limit GET Optional

    Maximum number of results which must be returned. If not specified then default value 10 is used.

  • task_id GET Optional

    Task ID, if you need to obtain, for the “Watchers” function, the user who has created the task and the user to whom it is assigned at the very beginning of the search results. If not specified then all returned users are sorted by their names.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array with the following keys:

  • data array Found objects list. Each list item is an array with the following keys:
  • data[]['app_id'] string Identifier of the app to which the found object is related.
  • data[]['entity_id'] int Object ID.
  • data[]['entity_image'] string Object image URL.
  • data[]['entity_link_name'] string Text of the link pointing to the object.
  • data[]['entity_title'] string Found object’s name.
  • data[]['entity_url'] string URL of the link pointing to the object.
  • data[]['entity_type'] string Found object’s type.
  • data[]['markdown_code'] string Markdown code which can be used to add a link to the found object.
  • data[]['user_login'] string User login name. Available only for objects denoting team members returned for the “Watchers” function.