Performs the initial online store setup by populating it with demo settings and data.


  • currency POST

    3-letter code of the currency which must be the main store currency.

  • country POST

    3-letter code of the country of the store. Affects the setup of several parameters; e.g., taxes.

  • demo_db POST Optional

    ID of the demo products set to copy to the store catalog: 6 (“Clothes & footwear”).

  • shop_name POST Optional

    Online store name.

  • shop_phone POST Optional

    Main phone number. It is displayed in the storefront and is included in the text of email notifications.

  • shop_email POST Optional

    Main email address. It is used as the sender address for notifications sent by the store. It is also used as the administrator’s email address for sending order notifications.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Error codes

  • invalid_request

    Invalid formed request. Additional information about the error is available in error_description parameter.

  • access_denied

    Access to the specified API method for the current token is denied.

  • invalid_method

    Unknown API method.