Returns information about services available for product variants.


  • sku_ids POST

    Array of product variant IDs.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array with the 'services' key containing sub-arrays of services-related information:

  • services[] array Array of information about services related to a product variant. The array item key is a product variant ID (int).
  • services[][] array Array of information about a service related to a product variant. The array item key is a service ID (int).
  • services[][]['id'] int Service ID.
  • services[][]['currency'] string The code of the currency, in the ISO 4217 format, selected in the service properties, or the '%' character if the service cost is expressed in percentage of the product price.
  • services[][]['name'] string Service name.
  • services[][]['price'] float Price of the default service variant in the decimal(15,4) format.
  • services[][]['product_id'] id ID of the product to which the current variant belongs if this product is manually selected in the service settings.
  • services[][]['status'] int Service status: 0 (unavailable), 1 (applied are service settings configured for the entire product type), 2 (applied are custom settings configured for the current variant’s product).
  • services[][]['type_id'] int Type ID of the current variant’s product.
  • services[][]['variant_id'] int ID of the service variant used as default for the current variant’s product.
  • services[][]['variants'] array Service variants available for the current product variant. Its sub-arrays related to individual service variant contain values with the following keys:
  • services[][]['variants'][]['id'] int Service variant ID.
  • services[][]['variants'][]['name'] int Variant name.
  • services[][]['variants'][]['price'] float Variant price in decimal(15,4) format.