Creates a new order for advance payment, only with the total amount and without a list of ordered products.


  • total POST

    Order amount.

  • contact_id POST Optional

    Customer contact ID for whom the order is being created. If not specified then the new order will not be linked to any customer.

  • currency POST Optional

    3-letter currency code. If not specified then the order will be created with the main store currency.

  • comment POST Optional

    Comment to the order.

  • payment_id POST Optional

    Payment method ID.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array of data of the created order with the following keys:

  • id int Order ID.
  • contact_id int Customer contact ID.
  • create_datetime datetime Order creation date and time.
  • total float Order total cost, expressed in the order currency, in the decimal(15,4) format.
  • currency string 3-letter order currency ID in the ISO 4217 format.
  • rate float Order currency rate towards the main store currency.
  • tax float Amount of the applied taxes, expressed in the order currency, in the decimal(15,4) format.
  • params array Order parameters.
  • contact array Customer data array with the following keys:
  • contact['name'] string Full name.
  • contact['email'] string Email address.
  • contact['phone'] string Phone number.
  • contact['registered'] bool Whether the customer is registered and is allowed to sign into their account with a password.
  • contact['photo_50x50'] string Customer’s photo URL or a link to their Gravatar image.
  • items array Array with a pseudo list of ordered items. The only available array items contains a sub-array with the following keys:
  • items[]['order_id'] string Order ID.
  • items[]['name'] string Name of order item: “Payment for the ordered service”.
  • items[]['product_id'] int 0.
  • items[]['sku_id'] int 0.
  • items[]['type'] string 'product'.
  • items[]['price'] float Order amount, expressed in the order currency, in the decimal(15,4) format.
  • items[]['quantity'] float 1.000.