Creates a new order.


  • contact_id POST Optional

    Customer contact ID.

  • contact POST Optional

    Customer contact ID. Alternative option if contact_id is not specified.

  • items POST

    Array of items to be added to order. Each item must contain an 'sku_id' element and may also contain a 'services' element with IDs of service variants to be applied to the product as shown below: 'services' => array( array( 'service_variant_id' => ***, ), array( 'service_variant_id' => ***, ), )

  • comment POST Optional

    Comment text.

  • access_token GET

    API auth token obtained during the API authorization.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Error codes

  • invalid_request

    Invalid formed request. Additional information about the error is available in error_description parameter.

  • access_denied

    Access to the specified API method for the current token is denied.

  • invalid_method

    Unknown API method.