Returns the list of actions available for order's current status.


  • id GET

    Order ID.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array of items containing available actions' data. The sub-array of each actions’s data contains values with the following keys:

  • []['color'] string HTML value of the action color from its settings.
  • []['data_required'] bool Flag denoting whether a user can input data when executing the action.
  • []['id'] string Action ID.
  • []['is_custom'] bool Flag denoting whether the action was added by a user in the store settings.
  • []['name'] string Action name.
  • []['type'] string Action type, one of the following values: 'button', 'link_top', 'link_bottom', 'link_head'.