Returns information about various sales-related parameters starting with a specified date. The 'reports' access right is required.


  • period GET

    Period of time, expressed in seconds, for the which information about sales must be returned. If not specified then the method returns information about the past 30 days.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Sales-related information array containing values with the following keys:

  • ampu float AMPU value.
  • arpu float ARPU value.
  • cac int CAC value.
  • roi int ROI value.
  • avg_order_profit float Average order profit.
  • avg_order_sales float Average order revenue.
  • by_day array List of data corresponding to each day of the specified period. The sub-array corresponding to a particular day contains values with the following keys:
  • by_day[]['date'] date Date corresponding to a particular day.
  • by_day[]['cost'] float Marketing expenses.
  • by_day[]['new_customer_count'] int Number of customers who have placed their first order during a particular day, which was marked as paid or completed.
  • by_day[]['order_count'] int Number of new orders received during the day.
  • by_day[]['profit'] float Profit received during the day.
  • by_day[]['purchase'] float Purchase cost of products ordered during the day.
  • by_day[]['sales'] float Revenue received during the day.
  • by_day[]['shipping'] float Shipping cost from the orders received during the day.
  • by_day[]['tax'] float Amount of taxes applied to orders received during this day.
  • totals array Data for the entire period with the following keys:
  • totals[]['total_customer_count'] int Total number of customers who placed orders during the specified period.
  • + similar items with the same keys as in the sub-arrays of the 'by_day' item but containing data for the entire specified period.