Returns detailed sales statistics with breakdown by hours. Access level 'orders' is required.


  • period GET Optional

    Number of seconds denoting the length of the period for which data must be obtained. If not specified the method returns data for the past 48 hours. This is also the maximum available period length.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Array of values with the following keys:

  • ampu float AMPU value.
  • arpu float ARPU value.
  • cac float CAC value.
  • roi float ROI value.
  • avg_order_profit float Average order profit.
  • avg_order_sales float Average order revenue.
  • by_hour array Sales data array. The sub-array corresponding to each hour contains values with the following keys:
  • by_hour['datetime'] datetime Date and time of each hour within the specified period.
  • by_hour['order_count'] int Number of placed orders.
  • by_hour['new_customer_count'] int Number of customers who have placed their first order during a particular hour, which was marked as paid or completed.
  • by_hour['profit'] float Profit received during the hour.
  • by_hour['sales'] float Revenue received during the hour.
  • by_hour['purchase'] float Purchase cost of products ordered during the hour.
  • by_hour['shipping'] float Shipping cost from the orders received during the hour.
  • by_hour['tax'] float Amount of taxes applied to orders received during the hour.
  • by_hour['cost'] float Marketing expenses.
  • totals array Data for the entire period with the following keys:
  • totals['total_customer_count'] int Total number of customers who placed orders during the specified period.
  • + similar items with the same keys as in the sub-arrays of the 'by_hour' item but containing data for the entire specified period.