Updates information about the specified product category.


  • id GET

    Category id.

  • parent_id POST Optional

    Parent category id. If not specified, 0 is used by default.

  • depth POST Optional

    Nesting level in category hierarchy.

  • meta_title POST Optional

    TITLE element for category page.

  • meta_keywords POST Optional

    META keywords.

  • meta_description POST Optional

    META description.

  • url POST Optional

    URL of category page in storefront.

  • count POST Optional

    Number of products in category.

  • description POST Optional


  • conditions POST Optional

    Dynamic category filtering conditions.

  • filter POST Optional

    Category filter parameters.

  • sort_products POST Optional

    Product sorting parameter.

  • include_sub_categories POST Optional

    Flag requiring to display products from subcategories.

  • status POST Optional

    Category status. 0­: hidden, 1: visible in storefront.

  • access_token GET

    API auth token obtained during the API authorization.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Error codes

  • invalid_request

    Invalid formed request. Additional information about the error is available in error_description parameter.

  • access_denied

    Access to the specified API method for the current token is denied.

  • invalid_method

    Unknown API method.