Returns information about a category.


  • id GET

    Category ID.

  • format GET Optional

    Sets response format. Available options: json (default), xml.

Return value

Category data array with the following keys:

  • id int Category ID.
  • depth int Category nesting depth starting with 0.
  • parent_id int ID of category’s parent category or 0 if there is no parent category.
  • name string Category name.
  • meta_title string Value of the <TITLE> tag.
  • meta_keywords string Value of the keywords meta tag.
  • meta_description string Value of the description meta tag.
  • type int Category type: 0 (static), 1 (dynamic).
  • url string Category’s editable URL part used in the storefront.
  • full_url string Category’s relative URL including the URLs of its parent categories.
  • count int Number of products for which the current category is selected as the main category. Not used for dynamic categories.
  • description string Category description.
  • conditions string Description of product selection rules for dynamic categories. Not used for static categories.
  • create_datetime datetime Category’s creation date and time.
  • edit_datetime datetime Category’s last editing date and time.
  • filter string Information about product filter setup, in the form of filter field identifiers separated by commas. As identifiers can be used numeric IDs of product features, and the 'price' string for the filter by price. The sort order of the field identifiers corresponds to the sort order of filter fields.
  • sort_products string Default product sorting rule.
  • include_sub_categories int Flag (0 or 1) denoting whether products included in the category’s sub-categories must also be displayed in the current category.
  • status int Category visibility status: 0 (hidden), 1 (visible).