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If your project is designed for teams, then Webasyst will be a reliable foundation for the launch and development. Keep writing code, and we will help you turn your startup into a profitable business.

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  • 16 000+ sites are powered by Webasyst today
  • We help promoting the best apps
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Build plugins for apps

Extend the functionality of Webasyst’s popular apps: Shop-Script, CRM, Mailer, Blog, Photo, Teamwork and others. Help businesses solve daily routine tasks easier and faster.

Build design themes

Any website on Webasyst starts with a design theme. And every company wants to make it bright, selling, and individual. Create ready-made design themes for Shop-Script, Website, Blog and other popular Webasyst apps.

You get 80% of your app sales. Payments are transferred to your PayPal account every month. The commission for promoting your products on the Webasyst Store, accepting payments, and the entire deployment infrastructure and Installer updates is just 20%.

Sell. Resell. Spread the word

Earn on sales of ready-made Webasyst apps to your customers.

from each license sold

Profit is from each project on Webasyst! Buy apps at half price, sell them at full price and keep 50% for yourself.

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up to 20%
affiliate bonus

Receive up to 20% of attracted customers' payments. Withdraw funds from your account at any time.

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Bring complex projects to life

Webasyst is a reliable platform for even the most complex projects based on several independent apps, connected only by common routing and design themes.

Create complex sites

Webasyst easily handles heavy workloads. The source code is open. The possibilities for customizing business logic are simply endless.

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Many Webasyst customers are looking for individual support, custom works, promotion, and development services. Offer your services - for free!

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